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Diving into DeFi: Fundamentals from the Financial Frontier

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has become a flagship use case for blockchain technology. By offering asset management, borrowing, lending, and remittance services without intermediary parties, DeFi is moving to shake up the traditional financial services industry. This guide provides you with an overview of the DeFi landscape, emerging trends in DeFi, and discusses how regulators will potentially approach the sector.

Why read this guide?


Explore the building blocks of the DeFi ecosystem — what are the fundamentals of decentralized finance?


Discover the platforms and protocols  — how is DeFi being utilized and what are its potential use cases?


Get ahead of emerging trends and challenges in DeFi — what should you pay attention to and get ready for?


Understand DeFi risk exposure  — what to be aware of before engaging in this blockchain-based form of finance?


Review potential regulatory approaches — how will policymakers approach the financial frontier?

Why Merkle Science


Customize Risk Parameters

Behavior-based Rule Engine allows you to customize risk parameters and monitor suspicious transaction patterns not associated with known sanction lists or blacklisted entities. 


Automate Compliance and AML Process

From basic AML/CFT automation to advanced custom reporting, automate intricate and time-consuming AML processes to meet regulatory requirements.


Comply With Local & Global Regulations

Maintain a record of every step leading to compliance decisions through a single platform, including generating and filing SAR/STR reports, and maintaining audit trail records.


Onboard Customers Confidently

Screen every user before establishing a relationship with them, and filter individuals and groups trying to conceal their identity to perform illicit activities.


Integrate Easily

Flexibility to easily integrate with your existing infrastructure through our APIs or use it as a standalone solution. 

Gerry Eng

"Merkle Science’s impressive suite of blockchain transaction monitoring solutions immediately supports our efforts to comply with the latest AML/CFT regulations in Singapore, and provides real time results that are of great value add for digital asset businesses. Their local presence in Singapore has also allowed for greater alignment with our commercial goals, and will allow us to further enhance our product offerings for our customer base."

Gerry Eng
Co-founder and CTO
Zac Cheah

“Merkle Science is a known and trusted name in the industry. More than just the years of experience they bring with them, Merkle Science has long been recommended by the Singapore Fintech Association for their strict compliance with industry regulations. What we’re doing with Merkle Science is just the next logical step in creating a safer platform backed by blockchain and crypto-assets. The sooner we develop a healthy ecosystem around these technologies, the better.”

Zac Cheah
Co-founder and CEO