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The Predictive Web3 Risk & Intelligence Platform

Next-generation risk mitigation, compliance and forensics for crypto-native businesses, DeFi participants, financial institutions & government agencies.

  • Machine learning driven & behavior-based transaction monitoring
  • DeFi de-risking - including liquidity pool & smart contract risk scores
  • Web3 crime detection, prevention & investigation
  • Cross-chain attack prevention & automated investigation
  • Enhanced due diligence & entity reporting
  • Crypto compliance & investigation training

“The Merkle Science platform, with its comprehensive capabilities and focus on compliance, will be a very valuable resource for the Hedera ecosystem.  The integration of HBAR and HTS tokens will provide critical infrastructure needed to support an increasing number of Hedera implementations in the regulated financial space.”

Sabrina Tachdjian, Head of Fintech & Payments Hedera