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A Replay of Merkle Meets: 2023 Regulatory Forecast on Crypto Winter

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Timothy Massad

Former Chairman of the U.S. Commodity

Futures Trading Commission


Jeff Bandman (Moderator)


Bandman Advisors

2022 will undoubtedly be remembered as a year of cryptocurrency discontent, one in which hacks targeting DeFi protocols and bridges reached an all-time high, Terra-Luna suffered a  complete collapse, leading crypto companies filed for bankruptcy, and more.

In the wake of FTX collapse and the resulting contagion effect, we expect to see wide-ranging regulatory response. Merkle Meets brings together Timothy Massad and Jeff Bandman for a fireside chat on the future of crypto regulations.


Special Highlights:

  • From sanctions evasion to corporate governance: what are the biggest risks and concerns from the regulators’ perspectives?
  • What role can the private sector play to ensure safety and operational resilience of the cryptosphere?
  • How far away are we from a legal and regulatory framework for stablecoins?
  • What steps will Policymakers and Regulators take to prevent further market turmoil and overcome the contagion effect.
  • Learn how privacy, digital identity and market integrity will take centre stage in 2023